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ECOBAGS® Market Collection  Organic Net Drawstring Bag spacer

ECOBAGS® Organic Net Drawstring Bag

Reusable Drawstring Produce Bag - Large

Cotton iconOrganic icon
Tired of tossing single-use plastic produce bags in the trash? Bring reusable ECOBAGS® organic cotton net produce bags to the grocery store or farmer's market and fill 'em up with your fresh fruits and veggies. When you get home put your produce right into the vegetable crisper and store the bag with your other reusable totes ready for your next trip. See how easy it is to bring your purchases home and create zero-waste. The drawstring top keeps everything from falling out. You'll see these bags are also handy for organizing travel and gym stuff or even using them as eco-friendly holiday gift bags.
  • Item Code: OPRO-803
  • Material Type: Certified Organic Cotton
  • Size: 12"W x 15"H with drawstring closed
  • Perfect for all types of produce
  • Handy for organizing
  • Capacity: Bag tested to hold 36+ onions; 12-15lbs.
  • Lightweight on scale, Tare weight: 1.3oz., 37g
  • Fair Wage / Fair Labor
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang dry
  • Recyclable as a textile
  • Color: Natural
  • UPC: 7-36133-80019-3
Price below is per bag.
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Organic Net Drawstring Produce Bag - Small
Organic Net Drawstring Bag Medium
Cotton iconOrganic icon
Item: OPRO-804
Size: 10"W x 12"H
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ECOBAGS® Natural Cotton Net Ditty Bag
ECOBAGS Mini Drawstring Net Bag
Responsibly Harvested Cotton icon
Item: Ditty-903
Size: 5"W x 7"H
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