Savannah Bee Company: Success With Sustainability

Savannah Bee Company: Success With Sustainability

We are proud to work with Savannah Bee Company! 
Since 2002 Savannah Bee Company has been dedicated to one thing: BEES! 
For over 20 years they have been hard at work providing these amazing pollinators with a future through multiple educational projects, forging connections with beekeepers around the globe, and sourcing nothing but ethical and sustainable pure honey. 
They know that healthy bees make for a healthy planet and have dedicated themselves to spreading this knowledge as far as they can.
We invited them to share more about their collective efforts, check out their responses below!

How does sustainability shape your practices at Savannah Bee Company? Bees on two cupped hands

It’s embedded in the DNA of our company. Bees invented sustainability. We’ve aligned our business model with how bee hives function; establishing a company where everyone wins.

The vendors, customers, us, and the bees.

As we’ve grown - we do everything we can to offset the footprint. We were early adopters of geami paper to replace packing peanuts. The same goes for eco utensils instead of plastic spoons for the millions of honey tastings in our stores. Now we are in the process of going to 100% recycled squeeze bottles.

By supporting bees, we make a significant and lasting difference.


Man tending honey bees

How did Savannah Bee Company grow from just one man to the company it is today? 

Slowly. Organically. With perseverance and belief.




Savannah Bee Company + ECOBAGS tote

What led you to choose eco-friendly products for your merch like ECOBAGS reusable totes?

It was a no brainer. ECOBAGS aligns with our values and mission.




Man and children with honey comb

You're already impacting thousands of people through your amazing work with The Bee Cause Project and The Exuma Project. What's next? 

We believe our greatest impact is in education.
And, it’s the key to preserving the precious honey bee and their fellow pollinators.
So, our next goal is to create a "Beetopia" of sorts right here in Savannah, Georgia.
We just purchased a property that will give us the room to create an unprecedented indoor and outdoor immersive bee tour experience.


Share at least 4 notable milestones for Savannah Bee Company:Young girl in beekeepers gear

The first would have to be in 1999 when I sold my first jar of honey…after 19 years of beekeeping. I had always given my honey away before that.
The second milestone was in 2003 when Williams Sonoma picked up our honey in their stores and catalog.
It was a major break that propelled the Savannah Bee Co. brand into our ideal demographic. It not only validated the business to others, but to myself.
The third milestone came in 2008 when we opened our very first retail store on Broughton Street in Savannah, Georgia.
The fourth milestone arrived in 2023 when we totally outgrew our warehouse of 39,000 square feet. We made the leap and expanded into 105,000 square feet of warehouse space. Onward and upward! 
Thank you Savannah Bee for talking with us, we love working with you!

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