NEW YORK, NY – Nearly 250,000 people stood in Grant Park on the night of the election and shouted "Yes, We Can," affirming the belief of President Elect Barack Obama, that change occurs through committed social action. Now,, an organization dedicated to empowering young people to take action in their communities, has partnered with to take the lead and make sure that this high level of enthusiasm and thirst for change is not lost in a post-election slump. and have created the "Yes We Can Will" reusable tote bag, which challenges young people to "Make Change Happen". Reusable bags are the #1 accessory this year and this full sized hemp/cotton reusable ECOBAGS® tote is a moving billboard for DoSomething; boldly communicating information about how to text for local volunteer opportunities.

"They got out the vote, but now what?" says DoSomething CEO, Nancy Lublin. "This election proved what we at DoSomething already knew: This generation isn't lazy and isn't apathetic. They've taken ownership of their country with their passion, and we can't allow that energy to be lost."

While the marketing world has been routinely perplexed by how to engage its consumers on their mobile phones, the Obama Campaign seemingly had no problem. The political world was taken by storm with the strides the Obama Campaign made with mobile technology to both fundraise and engage volunteers.

In response to the desire for mobile volunteerism, has taken its massive database of youth appropriate volunteer opportunities, the largest in the nation, and made it available on cell phones. Mobile phone users with any service provider can text DO SOMETHING to 30644 and receive locally-sorted volunteer opportunities twice a month. This message, encouraging social action, will proudly be displayed on the "Yes We Can Will" bags, offered at, for $11.99 (normally priced at $14.99). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to

"This is our second joint venture with DoSomething," says Sharon Rowe, CEO and Founder of Eco-Bags Products, Inc. "The 'Yes We Will' statement on this bag infuses the key message of change into this proactive group and fosters a personal commitment to making a difference, to do something. We're thrilled to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds to DoSomething because we are energized by the election turn-out and the high levels of participation among youth in the U.S." Rowe continues to say "Eco-Bags Products, Inc. has always supported action on a local level. This is one of the greatest ways for local community initiatives to reach a national audience, you really couldn't ask for much more, and we're delighted to be involved".

Rowe started Eco-Bags Products, Inc. in 1989 to "Clean Up The Planet One Bag At A Time™," so the synergy of introducing these totes at a time when so many of the nation's youth are committed to enacting change, all while municipalities are eliminating single use bags or imposing fees, is wonderful. "We can all take responsibility to do something, whether it's using a natural fiber reusable bag or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity," she says. "The important thing is to get engaged and stay engaged."

Texting for volunteer opportunities is a new concept, "It's simple, it's what you want and it's on your terms," says Lublin. "It's everything mobile should be. And now it's displayed proudly on a great, eco-friendly product." "Our country's young people have the power to change the world and are ready to do it, and we want to give them the tools they need to make that happen," said Lublin.

DoSomething's database is also available online. Simply type in your zip code at and the system instantly generates current local opportunities, sorted by distance.

About DoSomething

Do Something believes teenagers have the power to make a difference. We leverage communications technologies to enable teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action. We inspire, empower and celebrate a generation of doers: teenagers who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action. Plug in at

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The "Yes We Can Will" bags are available at
for $11.99 (normally $14.99) or 10/$99.